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09:38am 23/03/2012
So the paper on twitter does not favorite tweets list most twits do. What we do favorite are reponses to our articles. Not just general RTs, unless some commentary along with it catches our eye. Also random comments to the paper, any mention of "The Daily Rag" as many people not following us use this as a general term for a bunch of random RL newspapers, and emoticons if anyone sends one our way.

We do not fave gossip or any other random news people choose to send us. As a tabloid we accept this kinda stuff and report on it, but favoriting that stuff would be bad as it could be traced back to the source. Although, we do follow most everyone that follows us so there's always a good chance you can just DM us that sorta thing.

As we said, we fave stuff that meets the above criteria from just about anyone, whether they follow us or not.

Just about everyone but one.

There's one twit who is an exception to the rule, that being this nut:

For what it's worth, I got some interesting DMs this morning. You may wanna skim the first 6 tweets @cyberman_delete has up.

Tried reporting Cenobite, currently still @SimonPalakon, a few times, for what good it did, but ultimately there's a kind of futility about going after a rabid dog.

He's done far worse than all that too.

Supposedly he's trying to turn over a new leaf and stop trolling/bullying and get back to general RP. Best of luck to that goal, hope it works...

...but the shit he pulled on this paper, and to many of our friends, will never be forgiven.

Also, I doubt his sincerity. Since I've been aware of the guy, he's tried to stop bullying people 3 other times before. I'm not sure any of those attempts were for real and even if they were, he barely tried a couple weeks at the most.
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