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there is no excuse for pedophilia  
11:01am 01/03/2012
So I've gone on about the guy who goes by Cenobite for awhile now. Been trying to post less about him, while encouraging others to action, and for the most part that's gone on pretty well so far. One of my followers is very good at tracking Ceno, so I've left it to him. In the past week Ceno had made a number of new accounts to harass people but his main one, @Cenobite_Christ, has been deleted to prevent it being suspended.

Cenobite currently operates from @BehindDeadEyes, the main hub of his abuse on others.

However, Ceno has gotten more incensed and more out of control, lashing out seemingly at many more random people, as well as me, than ever before.

Due to his fascination with me, Ceno tracked down who I really am. I keep my real life info away from my main activity on twitter, for the most part. He got my real name, he accessed my youtube account, he found my livejournal, and constantly flaunts he found it in my face. Granted, these things are all public accounts but knowing who he was from before he came after me, when he asked me to tell who I really am... he chose to take my unwillngness to tell him as a my deliberately challenging him to find out.

Ceno is more than a little delusional.

He's tried to use the content of my personal life to insult me, but as he may know much of me he doesn't really know me. The things he tried to insult me with isn't stuff I find insulting.

This may've goaded him to greater heights to try to hurt me.

He recently went too far.

Among my youtube vids are a number of ones that feature my family. Inparticular my niece. She's tiny, she's wonderful, she's freaking brilliant; I love her to pieces. I've said as much a number of times.

For some reason Twitter was having issues a few days at the time of what I describe next, making it impossible to block anyone.

Along with details of my life, Ceno has tracked down some of my other twitter accounts. Like a lot of people that engage in twitter roleplay, I've got more than one account. I'm possibly the only person that runs a few characters from the Amalgam Universe, in this case @Nightcreeper_kr. I'm very big into staying in character no matter what but knowing I was him, Ceno kept going at me with details of my actual life and when that wasn't enough, he went further. He told me he was going to my youtube account, he described some of my videos so I knew he was really in there, and then he did this:

He detailed molesting my niece.

At the time of this post, she wasn't even 4 years old yet.

I may never have detailed that out anywhere before but anyone who has seen pics or videos of her, which Ceno went out of his way to do, can clearly see how young she is.

Ceno often excuses all his cyberbullying as being roleplay. He goes around committing what would be described as RP-rapes on numerous people, sending descriptions of unwanted sexual content that even when the person tells him to goto Hell he keeps doing the cybersex as though the person with him is a willing participant. If you block him, he switches accounts and comes at you with another one. Even when he drags real world details into what he does, he still considers it roleplay.

Roleplay or not, there is no excuse for what he did there. You don't mess with another person's family in anyway and you certainly don't describe raping someone else's underage relatives!

As stated, @Cenobite_Christ is now @BehindDeadEyes.

He recently locked his account so no one can see it's content. He's been switching his account names a lot lately. One of my readers, someone else he fucked over, is really good at tracking him. Goto @cyberman_delete for updates on what Ceno is up to and which account he's using.

This post will be updated periodically.
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