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#NitwitNews! Heads up to #SinfulDisney & #UntamedDisney  
08:33am 25/11/2012
RP-rape is this whole thing, that nitwits specialize in, where they send unwanted sexual content to someone else. Often they'll do it to make it seem like the other person is a willing participant, though not so much if someone actually looks at both accounts, but periodically they'll do what's being shown here; just a brutal assault.

There isn't much confusion about whether or not @ToonPatrol is one of the nitwits, multiple accounts that're written by THE nitwit, but I thought I'd show the evidence of it regardless.

This past Thursday this was in The Rag's inbox:

We've seen this kinda thing from him before:

Staggeringly similar, isn't it?

Now, the nitwits know we want nothing to do with them normally but continue to take advantage of The Rag's no blocking policy by sending @'s our way regardless. Have asked them numerous times not to but there's no decency in them.

So you folks know, I tagged this post with #SinfulDisney & #UntamedDisney for this last bit. See, twitter has this default font issue where there's no real difference between a capital "i" and a lowercase "L". At least so far as twitter's default fonts go.

The nitwit's account @ToonPatroL has been harassing both #WickedDisney/UntamedDisney and #SinfulDisney so both of you had been going on and on to your members to block and report it. Well, THE nitwit pulled the old switcheroo again. He renamed @ToonPatroL to @ToonPatroi and made a brand new account with the former name and put it in locked status.

Have a look, pay attention the URL feed at the upper left:

Twitter's default font issues don't apply to the URL feed. The account you lot wanted blocked/reported has been changed. Personally, I suggest if you wanna take another stab at that you do both of them just to be safe.
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