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#RPcommunity! To @WickedDisney and the folks of #WickedDisney, you've got a problem  
08:15am 14/10/2012
A fair number of the readership of The Rag know my main account is @EvilGrins.

A slightly smaller number of the readership know my name is Ray.

One unwanted part of the readership is a nitwit cyberbully who's been on my case since September 2011. Near the tail end of that year he figured out who I was, what some of my other accounts were, and tried to bother me with stuff I posted publicly elsewhere. When that didn't work, I'm hard to insult, this nitwit started to send me sexually crude stuff about my 4 year old niece...

...she was 3 at the time.

The nitwit's at least a pedophile online, hopefully not RL.

What does this have to do with #WickedDisney?

This nitwit is currently @Simon_CEO_ and he's using his usual levels of abuse leveled at me and my niece in your RP:

No, my niece's name isn't Chrisy. He's got a thing about that name, have a look · Clicky!

Prior to this, when he found out my niece's nickname was Peanut, he started sending me stuff like this:

I've been dealing with this kinda stuff from him weekly, occasionally monthly, since he found out I had a niece. He couldn't bother me with trying to insult me with stuff in my own life, so he went after her.

Just thought you should know who you're playing with.

By the way, that whole @JaxTheTramp situation? I got no proof of it but I think that's him. He's tried inserting his various accounts into other RP's not his before, by adding stuff he's been asked to remove from his bios before. Like with @Blinxiii and @mrIament.

That and I just find this a little too coincidental:

This is one of the nitwit's accounts here he sexually harassed a number of people and engaged in RP-rape.

I could buy the same AVI to a certain degree but the same first name? I don't see Pinnochio with the first name of Clark...
...and there's been plenty of stuff in his own posts to confirm for me wooden boy here is the nitwit.

If you want more on the nitwit, click this · Clicky!
you'll need to skim past this post as it's got the same tag
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tags: nitwit
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That #cyberbully #pedophile took it a step too far on @twitter yesterday
03:24pm 14/10/2012 (UTC)
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User evilgrins referenced to your post from That #cyberbully #pedophile took it a step too far on @twitter yesterday saying: [...] As I don't wanna repost the whole dealio · http://the-daily-rag.livejournal.com/142027.html [...]
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