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the way of things  
11:26pm 05/04/2016
Been keeping busy, doing the do (and a do or two doing me back). All's well in the RP-news world that is the Twitterverse...

...though asshats (polite way of saying shitheads) remain as full o' fertilizer in the brain as ever.

After ye olde Twitter Gods nuked The Rag's twitter feed, I took a step back and re-assessed. Kicked around on some of my older RP accounts (said nuking of the RP community's greatest tabloid also took 8 other news accounts of mine) and by old I mean oh so very very old. All the while keeping an eye on mentions for The Rag so i could re-direct folks to where I setup shop after the fact.

For a little bit the nitwit kept poking at me... but eventually that sicko faded away to nothingness. Which means he could be still around but he's being so subtle about it I can't even tell. Though that may've also had to do with the fact I finally identified his pedophile ass.

If wondering about the italics, that sicko who kept sending me detailed descriptions of molesting my niece since she was 3 years old... I sent his contact information to legal types.

Could be a coincidence... but he, old lady that she actually is, disappeared fast after that.

Frankie's not changed but his cyberbullying seems all but done. I don't really keep tabs on him, but every other month I take a look at what he's up to... in case I need to file something for the Twitter Gods. Mostly he keeps his rapey shit to his friends. Though I've caught a dig or two my way ever so rarely.

For a guy who loves to threaten with rape, his insults are remarkably childish. Couple months back he mentioned me by name and made some stink about me being a wimp. Keep in mind, this is the same tiny freak who after making threats where he actually (I kid you not) detailed a long game plan where he was gonna start spreading lies about me doing stuff I wasn't to try and get the FB Gods to nuke my account over there...

...so, I contacted his local police (made it clear I was doing that) and sent them screenshots of his threats.

Directly after that he deleted every single photo of himself from his account, deleted all tweets pertaining to his sick scheme, and changed his AVI so it didn't look like him anymore.

The wimp-caller proved himself a wimp with his (hilarious) panic attack.

Then there's Broemmel... strangely the sickest of the bunch, considering the other 2 are a pedophile and a rape enthusiast.

Like I said, somewhere up there, I kept an eye on The Rag's mentions. At first daily, then weekly, gradually it got down to monthly... you get the idea. Letting folks asking where The Rag was what was up and letting them know where to get what they were used to from the new digs. After about 7 months The Rag's @ was getting spammed a lot from Broemmel's accounts...

...I should mention just prior to The Rag's aforementioned nuking I'd identified 94 of Broemmel's cyberbullying accounts, 70 of which I totally could prove were his.

Anywho, out of the blue he was accusing this other guy of being me and making claims that made absolutely no sense. He said he's the one that got The Rag suspended (at the time he said it was some random girl; 1 of the 70) and listed reasons what The Rag was up to. He's been spamming the Twitter Gods about this non-stop, from more accounts than I knew he had, accusing this other guy (that'd be bluebirdnews by the way) of doing things he's not doing and I certainly wasn't doing while The Rag was still on Twitter.

For multiple years I had the nitwit, a pedophile cyberbully, constantly on my case about what he'd do to my niece if he ever got his hands on her. Making child accounts and accusing the people he targeted of raping them, and (believe it or not) worse shit. The nitwit was all sorts of sick and fucked in the head...

...and Broemmel, who rapidly made friends with the guy, is accusing this bluebirdnews of being me and saying I (we?) are doing the same kinda shit the nitwit does?!?

I did mention he's been at this for months, right?

Wanna know why it isn't working??

Twitter's got this rule if you delete your account you can get it back so long as you undelete it within 30 days. Any longer than that and everything on the account gets purged and the username becomes public domain. I know this because one of the ways the nitwit used to avoid suspension was deleting his account for a week or 2. Course then he got on my nerves and I started tracking him... and eventually he left his main account (filled with years of abuse) deleted too long and lost everything on it.

The first of many Simon accounts he lost for his pervy stalker ways!

Thing about why that's relevant is Broemmel's been slamming Twitter with accusations about this other guy and saying he's me while accusing him of doing the nitwit's brand of sick shit... and that's not working because suspended accounts never get any of their content deleted. It's as a reference, so the Twitter Gods can cast aside the veil and see exactly why an account was suspended and what it was all about.

Broemmel's constantly yelling at ye olde Twitter Gods to get rid of this other guy for things they know for a fact I never did... because they can still see all the content on the suspended TL of The Rag.

All cyberbullies are cowards... but some, like Broemmel, are also complete morons.

Still on the fence about whether or not I'll try and get The Rag back... though at this point it would be just be as source material for other endeavors. Years upon years of organizing others in the proper ways to help take down cyberbullies had me on pretty good terms with the complaint department of Twitter... as in the accounts of said folks who read The Rag regularly. I've been encouraged... and with all this stuff Broemmel's trying to do to this other guy is evidence enough...

...but I've got more than enough accounts to keep up on already.

Time will tell.
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Sinfully funny  
09:36pm 28/01/2016
I don't read the funnies in the newspaper everday (even on Sundays) anymore. Mostly I get my funnies online. Ink Pen is pretty good, for some superhero silly, but what I really enjoy is Sinfest.

It's an irreverent and hilarious strip, which often I pop over to sinfest_mod to view, about a set number of characters where God and The Devil are real to the general public... in that God is a handpuppet in the sky with a clear issue of lacking sanity & The Devil is big business trying to corrupt the world. There's some regular folks, a smart stoner pig, and a bunch of devil girls & fembots.

It does little stories and the occasional random:

Yeah... basically it's like that.

A running theme, that happens every December to early January, is the hunt. Leastways that's what I call it. The end of a year is the death of Father Time, who is then reborn as Baby New Year... but not surprisingly the old guy isn't a big fan of the natural progression. So, the Grim Reaper comes after him every single year:

Yes... that was Buddha.

After which, things more or less go back to normal:

More or less...

Sinfest never fails to cheer me up... though there's a few aspects of it I'm less than fond of:

It's not exactly racist, but it kinda skirts the edge of prejudice periodically.
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the what, the where, and the whyfore  
07:29am 05/08/2015
Title has little to do with anything, I was kinda drawing a blank. After all the time I thought maybe now was a good time to bring things to a head, so to speak, and sum some things up.

When i first came to Twitter, I kinda hated it. 1st week on it was a disaster, but I stuck with it... fortunately. The thing that kept me going was Twitter's RPcommunity, the roleplayers who welcomed me in and made the whole Twitterverse seem worthwhile... and after about a year or so, I setup The Rag in the middle of 2010.

The Rag quickly became one of the main hubs for RPers far and wide. I did news on them, news on Twitter, and the world at large, and everything was ever so merry. To this day, since all of that back when, I'm still tight with all these wonderful people...

...and their support keeps me going through even the darkest of times...

...even the totally nutty ones...

...and because of all that I got from them, for what I did for them, I keep track of things still:

Because of my longstanding support of the RPcommunity, and their continued outreach towards The Rag, those that didn't know how to reach me via other means, after its Twitterfeed got nuked I kept track of all mentions for it. Initially daily, then weekly, then ever so gradually only once a month; mainly so i could re-direct folks to where I'd setup shop next.

It's due to this I'm aware one of saddest excuses for a human being, and it's pretty close company considering i only know 3 cyberbullies that fit that classification, has been spamming The Rag's suspended Twitter account while he's tearing into others and grossly misrepresenting the facts... so, thought I'd do a quick write-up for old time's sake.

CyberbulliesCollapse )
While it's true The Rag is gone, I'm not. Been enjoying Twitter a long time and RP even longer than that. I'm still around in some RPG or other, doing individual RP-scenes here and there... and The Rag's legacy remains in the delightful fact that some people typed their retweets so they can reply to them:

You just gotta know where to look.
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01:00pm 01/05/2015
Been kinda wondering what to do with this, since the Twitter-Rag got nuked. Not feeling like I wanna give up on the attached LJ, what with having put about 5 years into the thing.

Much to ponder.
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it rarely ends  
05:54am 13/01/2015
Despite taking the last couple weeks off of Twitter, I'm gearing up for an article to be linked somewhere kinda crucial, yesterday and today I popped onto the TL to grab a few shots and found this:

After The Rag got nuked from Twitter, a couple of the cyberbullies that targeted us started stalking this LJ that was connected to the Rag's TwitterFeed. Also anyone who even mentions @the_daily_rag, with the @ or not, to target them as well.

Generally the lie cyberbullies stick to is a significant warping of the truth. The Rag was accused of cyberbullying by cyberbullies because by reporting news on their abuse of others it exposed them. No kind of bully does well when exposed, and if you interfere in them abusing others they consider that to be them being attacked.

How warped is that? Claiming to be bullied by their not being permitted to freely abuse others?!

There's 2 general flaws in the content to which is in the above screenshot, and anyone who would support it. The Rag largely didn't use the @ in tweets. Kinda hard to attack anyone without mentioning them. In the past 2 months prior to suspension, The Rag only @'d anyone with tags signifying funny tweets, Follow Fridays, and 1 fun day when @SavageHawkman came back (he tweets fairly rarely).

Affiliate news accounts to The Rag that were suspended were doing much the same, not using @'s but hashtags to report news on certain cyberbullies, with added support of evidenced screenshots showing the abuse the news tweets reported on. Some were ours, like @TheNitwitNews & @BillTheCatShow, which didn't @ those they reported news on. Some were from the network of cyberbully haters we'd been building, showing them the proper way to deal with cyberbullies by not attacking them, that violence begats violence crap has gotta stop, and showing them how Twitter prefers they be dealt with.

For the most part the affiliate accounts didn't @ anyone either, unless someone specifically @'d them first... and that was conversational. Most of those were their followers, that I saw, and a few were the cyberbullies they reported news on to answer the questions they asked in a non-confrontational manner.

Anyone who views factual reporting of their attacks on others to be abuse is clearly a little fucked in the head. The Rag did news on cyberbullying in as factual a manner as possible, minus 2 minor exceptions that have nothing to do with this post.

Of course, the above screenshot clearly shows that some cyberbullies continue to stalk The Rag even when it's not on Twitter.

On a side note, the person in the screenshot above is well known to Twitter's RP Community as a cyberbully that likes to be known as Cenobite, who The Rag nicknamed the nitwit. Along with blaming those he targeted for his abuse, he trolled Twitter for others into child porn and/or getting pics of underage girls; a sick love of his. There's plenty of evidence of his illegal activity in what passes for his RP over the last few years in this blog, but let his own words show him for what he is:

More as it develops.
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as usual, the nitwit's being nitwittier than usual  
10:40pm 11/01/2015
The Rag got nuked by Twitter December 30th, and while some of the initial zest in getting it back has faded... it's my New Year's Resolution. Still got over 340 days to get that done.

In the meantime, the nitwit's continually trying to bring me down...

...and failing. See, after the last concept didn't work so well, I took some time away from Twitter. I just popped on today to see the nitwit saying that and even that on it's own is feeble.

1) The Rag got suspended between XMAS & New Year's. Holiday Season's time for family, parties, and drunken revelry. It's no wonder no one noticed we were gone, most of them were too plastered to see much of anything.

2) I wrote The Rag because it was fun for me. Every single day was a blast, even moreso because of the days I did RP-news, which my many readers loved.

3) Judging by the retweets, faves, and comments from The Rag's followers (both in protected status and not) I've no doubt The Rag's readers loved it too.

4) Also, eventually the Holiday Fever would break and people would start to notice their fave tabloid was missing...

...and they have.

Truth, a lot of The Rag's followers know how to reach me through other means... there's been a lot of buzz about getting The Rag back. Plus, I'm working on another approach at the moment. If I can't get The Rag back it does me little good to setup a new kind of RP-newspaper without getting the express permission of those that run Twitter, right?

Keep the faith, blue birds will be tweeting news again someday.
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well, poop  
08:02am 02/01/2015
That bit of hope I had the other day got dashed against the rocks. Which isn't to say I'm without hope, just got none left for Twitter.

It was fun while it lasted.
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08:45pm 01/01/2015
Not ever having had any practical experience working with a suspended Twit before, I've made 2 interesting discoveries:
· Any accounts muted don't remain that way, I can see when they mention The Rag.
· You can still report harassment from a suspended account.

Not saying I've done #2 (yet) but it's nice to know.

That psycho Deneale's @'d The Rag, sharing a pic she must've thought was great but nothing I'm interested in. Not only cuz I want nothing to do with that stalker, but the subject matter involved a person I don't wanna know anything more about. Silly or otherwise.

On a side note, the post with her DMs was one of the those I axed as it had to do with stuff I promised to get rid of. This goes along with a request I got from CD shortly after that post went up, as Deneale had her ask me to take it down due to something in there being something she was supposedly never supposed to utter outside of something or other. Could've landed her in serious legal trouble.

I get The Rag back, she may be the first non-spambot I've blocked with it ever.

Frankie has stated that with The Rag gone, no one would fight cyberbullies. Not true, there's others who do that sorta thing. Then he said if I made a new account for The Rag he'd report it as some kinda breach...

...the guy's not only stalking this LJ, which makes no sense, but he's both happy and sad that The Rag's twit is gone.

He never was the smartest cyberbully we did news on.

The nitwit is saying with CD gone I've lost my fave alt persona. Given I didn't write CD, not even close. Also, I still have my 2nd fave RP account; my first was Pikachu, who I miss greatly and Shara's a mess without him around...

...though, I hear they're doing remarkable things with cloning these days.

I've never lied about the nitwit, nor did I ever have to go after him. When he was gone I didn't give him a moment's thought, only reporting news on him when he was cyberbullying people. The content of his current tweets on a couple accounts, which is mostly about me, shows even with The Rag gone he's still obsessed.

So... I've already informed the Twitter Gods of my intentions. Giving them until February but I'm already looking into an alternate location for The Rag's new spot just in case. If I get the original tabloid back after I make a new one, the newbie gets converted into the new Help Desk.
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